About Coronavirus

What is Coronavirus

What is Coronavirus?

A new SARS-Cov-2 ( Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2) was identified as the cause of the outbreak happened in China in the year 2019. In December 2019, a pneumonia outbreak was caused in China, which on 31st December was found as a new strain of Novel Coronavirus. The WHO named this virus 2019 nCov which they changed after some time. The disease is popularly known as COVID-19 or Coronavirus disease 2019.

Coronavirus belongs to a group of related viruses that causes diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, coronavirus mainly causes respiratory tract infections that can be severe also. It is a very infectious disease. Some Researchers suggest that it originated from the Chinese SeaFood Market in Wuhan. Investigations are ongoing on how this virus originated and spread. The Virus has been named after its unique shape as that of a crown protrusion. Everything about the Novel Coronavirus has been provided on this page.

The World Health Organisation has declared Coronavirus as a Global Pandemic. As of today, there are more than 1.5 Million Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus and has caused more than 90k Death all around the World. The Virus’s genetic composition is very similar to that of a bat. This virus has caused travel restrictions and unexpected lockdown in many Countries.

How Does Coronavirus Spread

The Novel Coronavirus goes under three phases in the Human Body which are entry, replication and release. This virus spreads through person to person among those who are in close contact with one another. The Virus mainly spread by the air droplets when the infected person sneezes, coughs, or talks. These droplets generally travel a short distance and fall on the ground. Hence, Social Distancing is ne of the most affective ways to fight with Coronavirus.

When this virus comes in contact with human body, it starts replication itself, and targets the lungs. This is the reason why most of the infected people feel difficulty in Breathing. The Virus keeps replicating itself until, it affects the whole human body.

What are Symptoms of Coronavirus

Coronavirus attacks different people in different ways. Most of the infected people recover without any special treatment because of their immune system. But they can spread it to other people and they might die due to their week immune system. Most of the deaths caused by this virus are of people whose age is more than 60 years. They have a higher risk of getting infected.

The Common Symptoms of this virus are fever, coughing, and Shortness of Breath. While the other symptoms may include shortness of breath, sore throat, aches and pain. In rare cases, it can lead to severe problems such as kidney failure,etc. If you feel these Symptoms, then you should follow the necessary measures so that it may not spread to others. Consult a doctor from your home through call or video.

Everything about the Novel Coronavirus

People with mild symptoms should isolate themselves. It is better to follow the quarantine as it can take up to two weeks to show the symptoms in the body.

How to Prevent Coronavirus

At present, there is no verified vaccine or treatment of Coronavirus. No antiviral medicine is recommended for this. To prevent the disease, you should follow the below measures strictly:

  1. Stay at home or Quarantine yourself if you feel unwell
  2. Wash your hands regularly with sanitizer or handwash
  3. Stop Smoking or any activity that affects the lungs
  4. Always wear a mask when going outside
  5. Practice Social Distancing
  6. Cover your mouth while coughing
  7. Avoid any kind of mass or social gathering

These tips will help you to not get affected by this virus. If you have any kind of Chronic Medical Condition, consult a doctor about other ways to protect yourself from this virus. The CDC recommends that wearing a mask reduces the chances of the emission of this virus.

Using masks can help you prevent the virus from people who don’t show any symptoms. Non-Medical cloth masks have been made available for the public while surgical and N-95 respiratory masks have been kept for Medical Professionals.

If you feel Unwell, you can do a self- check with our Website, by taking the help of the messenger button.

What is the Economic Effect of Coronavirus

The Novel Coronavirus has drastically effected the Global Economy. Most of the investors are feared that it will slow economic growth. The Government actions haven’t been able to stop this virus. Central Banks in many countries have increased their interest rates to recover the losses due to this virus.

According to resources, this pandemic will result in a Global Recession. In USA, the unemployment rate has broken all records after this virus came. Millions of people have lost their jobs due to this pandemic. The travel Industries have also been badly affected due to the airline restrictions all around the world.

Supermarkets and Online Delivery Services have received a sudden hike in their revenue as people start stocking the household things. In order to stop the spread of Covid-19 Outbreak, many Countries have taken strict measures.

Everything about the Novel Coronavirus

The world’s economy could grow at its slowest rate since 2009 this year due to the Coronavirus outbreak, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

Facts about Coronavirus

  1. Coronavirus is found in different animals, and usually, it spreads from animals to humans.
  2. Coronavirus has caused a positive change in the environment, as the sky starts getting more clear, and the air starts getting fresh.
  3. The Coronavirus is named after their appearance as under the Microscope, they look like pointed structures that are covered with a crown.
  4. Other Coronaviruses such as SARS and MERS can lead to more dangerous health effects.
  5. The Coronavirus can effectively help nature to heal itself because it has given enough time for this.